Student Loan Refinancing

The Iowa Podiatric Medical Society has partnered with ISL Education Lending to offer members easy access to education loan refinance opportunities. These loans feature no fees, customer service from Iowans and easy pre-qualification tools so you can see if the rates you qualify for are better than what you’re paying now.

ISL Education Lending offer three unique refinance loan options.

  • The Reset Refinance Loan for Medical and Dental Professionals is an immediate-repayment refinancing option for doctors and others in the healthcare field who are already in repayment on their current student loans.
  • The Reset Refinance Loan for Medical Residents is ideal for residents or fellows looking to refinance to better rates and to make lower payments during their residencies or fellowships before entering full repayment. 
  • The Reset Refinance Loan for In-School Borrowers is a good solution for members who are still in school or who are parents of college students and looking for a lower rate than their current loan while still postponing repayment until after college. Accruing interest at a lower rate can save in overall interest costs.

Learn more about these options on their website.